June 6, 2018

Who We Are

3R is a company dedicated to transform the waste sector in Mozambique through services and infrastructure, The business started simultaneously in three municipalities: Maputo (capital), Beira (2nd biggest city) and Vilanculos (oil and gas region).

The company provides integrate waste management services to medium and large clients, focusing on segregation, monitoring and sustainable treatment. In 3 years, more than 40 companies contracted 3R’s services, including Heineken, Sasol, ENI, ENHL Bonatti, Radisson Blue Hotel and many others.

Another focus is the developement and implementation of sustainable waste treatment infrastructure projects in strategic locations, enabling economies of scale for recycling and closing the gap of the waste value chain.

At all times, 3R pursues a strategy that includes environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainable development by creating services and choosing products that respect the environment and reduce environmental impact. Our aim is to contribute to environmental awareness and preservation throughout our business processes and services.


Create a clean environment for current and future generations through the transformation of the waste sector in Mozambique

VISION (5 years)

  • Grown into a medium size company with 150 employees and recycling thousands of tons per year.
  • Operate at least 3 waste treatment facilities
  • Achieve full ISO quality certification


Sustainable treatment of waste

Guided by the circular economy concept, we ensure that our clients reduce their waste to landfill and recycle as much as possible, considering the treatment options available and the financial sustainability of the process to the client.

Compliance and Transparency

We operate in total compliance with national laws and regulations related to waste management and treatment. The company keeps a detailed record of all waste streams in its operations and prepare monthly reports for its clients.

Local development

3R actively invests in the construction of national waste treatment infrastructure. The purpose of it is to build complete waste value chains in Mozambique and promote local employment.