April 11, 2019

Job post: Ecopoint manager – Beira

3R – Reduzir, Reusar e Reciclar is a company dedicated to transforming the waste sector in Mozambique through services and infrastructure. Founded in 2015, the business operates in three municipalities: Maputo, Beira and Vilanculos. The company offers integrated waste management services for medium and large customers, focusing on segregation, monitoring and sustainable treatment. In 3 years, more than 40 companies have contracted 3R’s services, including Heineken, Sasol, ENI, ENHL Bonatti, Radisson Blue Hotel and many others.

3R’s Material Recovery and Transfer Center is installed in Beira  processes the waste from customers and the recyclables from the ecopoint network supported by 3R. Ecopoints are spaces managed by NGOs and the local community that buy / receive recyclables from waste pickers and other citizens and resell the material to 3R. More than 600 waste pickers have already benefited from the ecopoints in Beira.

About the job position

Location: Beira
Type of contract: Fixed term
Duration: 12 months
Working hours: 44 hours per week

Minimum requirements

  • University degree (mandatory) and postgraduate / specialization in project management (desirable);
  • +5 years of project manager experience;
  • Experience in community development;
  • Experience in the area of waste management will be considered a differential;
  • Fluency in Portuguese and advanced level of English.

3R encourages women’s candidacy.

Resumes must be sent to info@3r-mozambique.com by April 30, 2019. Only the pre-selected candidates will be contacted.

TERMS OF REFERENCE – Detailed responsibilities

As an ecopoint manager, the employee will be responsible for expanding the company’s access to recyclable materials, increasing volumes acquired in the city of Beira. To this end, it will be responsible for the materials acquisition strategy, which includes the formalization and management of partnerships with ecopoints and final destination of materials, monitoring of the waste stream, execution of training, coordination of communication campaigns and support to the management team, as well as to other departments of the company.

Ecopoint management

  • Refine the ecopoint strategy in Beira;
  • Map the best locations for the installation of ecopoints, considering the potential waste volume and distance from the 3R CTRM;
  • Establish formal partnerships with NGOs, community centers and other stakeholders of 3R;
  • Continuously train the teams of the ecopoints established in partnership with 3R;
  • Make regular visits to the ecopoints to inspect and guarantee the quality of the operation and the good condition of the equipment;
  • Establish and manage the route of 3R vehicles related to material sourcing;
  • Be the 3R focal point in Beira for the target audiences of the project;
  • Maintain a good relationship with the local authorities and ensure that the activities respect the local and national legal framework;
  • Establish formal partnerships with final destinations for sale of the processed material under the supervision of the company’s management.


  • Ensure that all data relating to the purchase, processing and sale of materials at the ecopoints and WTRF are correctly recorded on physical and digital systems;
  • Provide monthly reports based on monitoring data about the performance of each ecopoint and the project as a whole, identifying opportunities and improvement points;
  • Prepare reports for donors;
  • Prepare the Terms of Reference of a digital monitoring system.


  • Identify the best local and regional media for marketing campaigns aiming to increase the amount of material collected;
  • Coordinate the creation of marketing campaigns and training materials, bring the target audience’s perspective to these communications to increase the effectiveness of the message;
  • Monitor the performance of the marketing campaigns;
  • Establish and coordinate the implementation of agreements / contracts / partnerships with the media.

In general, support the management team with regard to all matters related to the strategy of acquisition of materials

Anti-corruption policy

3R believes in doing business ethically, honestly, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. The company does not offer or accept bribes or kickbacks in any way, and does not tolerate corruption in relation to any of its businesses. Compliance with this principle is mandatory for all employees of the company.