3R after cyclone IDAI

3R-Reduzir, Reusar e Reciclar Limitada, is slowly bouncing back after cyclone Idai hit the port city of Beira about two weeks ago. The company reopened two Ecopoints where it buys plastic and other recyclable materials from catadores (wastepickers) and the first load of PET was processed for onward transfer to recycling industries in South Africa.[…]

Water Unite finances 3R ecopoint expansion in Beira

The partnership will collect 75 tons of plastic per month and increase the income of the communities affected by IDAI Cyclone The Non-profit Organization Water Unite closed  a deal in April 2019 to finance 3R’s ecopoint expansion in Beira, a city recently affected by cyclone IDAI. The funding for infrastructure aims to support the collection and recycling of 10% of the plastic waste produced in Beira* and benefit more[…]